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About the Artist

I was born and for the better part raised in the Great State of Alaska.  Being around such awe-inspiring scenery, the wildlife, and the people has given me a tremendous appreciation for the Pacific Northwest and all its unique qualities.  These influences permeate most of my works.  I'm in the Puget Sound region now, so I'm still in the Northwest - there's no place I'd rather be.

I began painting feathers back in 1990, purely as a means of putting to use all the broad sturdy wing feathers that my mother's peacocks would shed.  I had never seen this done before, but knowing the bonding properties of acrylic paint, I thought it was a feasable experiment.  I began with simple subject matters like pictographs and still-lifes, but soon that grew to a very broad range of subject matter.

I learned my method of pen-and-ink stipple while working as a graphics specialist for an archaeological firm.  Lithic illustration was quite a challenge, and I would marvel over the fine tight detail in printed illustrations.  I soon found that this style worked very nicely in wildlife
illustration, and that I could achieve an enormous amount of detail, form, light and shadow, and a wealth of textures.  It's a painstaking process and consumes many weeks just to complete a single piece though, so it's not an art form I indulge in often these days!

Aside and apart from art, I am happily living and loving life here in beautiful Western Washington with my husband, two sons, and various fur-bearing family members.  We are active and outdoors as often as possible, and we're all very active in the Boy Scouts of America.  Both of my sons are Scouts.  I currently volunteer as an Assistant Scoutmaster and also in the Order of the Arrow, I've been through Wood Badge, and I do pitch in and help out in any other capacity that I can.  So if you don't see me at an art show, you just might bump into me on one of the many local trails with a group of youth!

See you around!  :-)