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Dragon Fancy

STATUS: Available Very Soon!

Description:  Brimming with imagination and whimsy, this coloring book is completely hand-drawn, and offers something for every skill level.  Dragons of all shapes and sizes are found within - from more traditional sorts coming from several cultures and legends, to some inspired by actual animals, to some completely from imagination! With 30 full-page drawings and 6 bonus 5x7 character images,  each drawing is printed single-sided on medium-weight bright white paper for you to color and enjoy.  This book is seven months in the making and is the result of a tremendous amount of research.  You'll find a little bit of information and backstory accompanying each full-sized drawing, as well as a url to download free dragon coloring bookmarks.

I hope you'll enjoy coloring this as much as I've enjoyed creating the line art!
Adult Coloring Book Treasury 2

STATUS: Now Available!    Visit Amazon page

Description:  Collaborative production, 130 single-sided pages by 70 independent artists.
This is a very large and outstanding sampler by 70 indie artists. Each illustrated page contains the artist's information in the margin so you may look for more work by that artist.  An index of brief bios for each artist is in the back.  There is no collection of coloring images more diverse and varied than this one, providing many hours of enjoyment and coloring fun!