NOTE TO SEARCHERS:  If you have received an email with Painted Feathers in it and have been searching for their origins, this is it!  I have no idea who began that email, or why it would be sent without a link or name.   You will find those feathers from the email within this site, and so many others... welcome!
For more info on that painted feathers email, please visit Hoax Slayer's article on the matter.

The Featherlady-
Julie Thompson is a Pacific Northwest artist through and through. Alaska born and residing in Washington state, her artistic endeavours cover a broad spectrum; from her worldwide-collected painted feathers, to her recent pursuits in illustration for adult coloring, to writing and travel for illustrated artist journal projects to canvas work, textiles, and more.  To Julie, life is about growth, learning, and adventure - we hope you will enjoy browsing the variety of content within.

13 July 2016:  PLEASE pardon the dust!!  I'm in the midst of giving this website a fresh look and a complete overhaul.  Much more content and easier navigation will be had very soon! I expect full functionality within the week. Thank you for your patience!
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