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Wings, and feathers, and flying things...

Here you'll find a variety of avian paintings.  Each image is a link.  Each link will take you to that page with a larger image and more information about the piece.  Enjoy!
red-naped sapsucker
ringnecked pheasant
bald eagle and flag
eastern blue jays
rufous hummingbird with PNW designs
Boy Scout Eagle and flag
sparrowhawk, or peregrine falcon
ring-necked pheasant
allen's hummingbird
bobwhite on the seashore
California valley quail
snowy egret
bald eagles
"The Standoff", steller's jay and grey jay
bald eagle
blue heron
"early flight" migrating canada geese
Canada goose and goslings
black-chinned and rufous hummingbirds
painted feathers - works currently available